I can’t help myself, I love this so much

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How narcissistic of man to believe he “discovers” or “invents”. Man does not discover and he does not invent; man witnesses and attempts to understand. We do not “come up with ideas” – that is absurd! Ideas come to us when we open our minds.

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Luigi Seraphini

girl mowgli

The gnome - Pumpkinlandia CT

Downtown main street Mystic, CT

All you who sleep tonight

All you who sleep tonight 
Far from the ones you love, 
No hand to left or right 
And emptiness above - 

Know that you aren’t alone 
The whole world shares your tears, 
Some for two nights or one, 
And some for all their years.

night stroll to some clubs in praha

stumbled onto some curiosities while traveling Europe

somedaystuff turned 3 today!